Authors are invited to exchange their latest unpublished research, ideas

and developments on topics, including but not limited to:

                                     TPSE: Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar Energies
                                     APEC: Advances in Power Electronic Converters
                                     HWGE: Hydro and Wind Green Energies
                                     MSO: Modelling, Simulation & Optimization
                                     ESHP: Energy Storage and Hybrid Topologies
                                     EMMS: Energy Management in Multi source Systems
                                     SGPP: Smart Grids and Power Plants
                                     MS: Materials and Semiconductors
                                     FCHEV: Fuel Cell and Hybrid Electrical Vehicle
                                     EHES: Energy Harvesting & Embedded Systems
                                     HVDC: High Voltages DC Networks
                                     BHB: Biofuel, Hydrogen and Biomass
                                     GRA: Geothermal Resources and Applications