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Prof. Ćuk is Yugoslav/Serbian who came to United States as an immigrant on flight from Belgrade, Yugoslavia to San Francisco on February 29, 1972 sponsored by NASA. NASA first supported at Santa Clara hisMaster’s Thesis: “Stability Investigations of the Spinning Skylab” and then 2-year doctorate at Caltech in 1974. This latter work is now the new Volume 4: “State Space Averaging and Ćuk converters” of the four volume book series. Books, videos, lectures, etc. are at:

Prof. Ćuk also founded with Prof. Middlebrook TESLAco in 1979. TESLAco developed jointly with Honeywell hybrid Ćuk converter modules for NASA’s ORION spacecraft, which in December 2014 made a successful maiden orbiting flight. Landing of men on Mars on Orion is projected by 2030. Selected comments:“This book series is a Big Bang in the history of Power Electronics.”“You should all read everything that Dr. Ćuk has ever written.”

One-day Tutorials Course: Power Electronics: Topologies, Magnetics and Control.


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